Defiant Techologies’ Ellvin™ Chromatography Software

The Ellvin™ chromatography software is your way to communicate with all of our gas chromatography instruments. It is designed to be simple for novices, yet it has the capabilities that the pros expect. Ellvin™ allows you to auto-integrate your chromatograms for peak heights and areas, or you can use manual integrations tools for an in-depth analysis. Create your calibrations in Ellvin™, then load them up to our portable GCs for results on-site in the field.

Watch the Data in Realtime and Monitor the Operating Parameters

Ellvin Chromatography Software - Watch Data in Realtime

Retrieve Data and Automatically Perform an Analysis

Ellvin Chromatography Software - retrieve data and perform an analysis

Create Reports with a Click of the Mouse

Ellvin Chromatography Software - Create Reports

Perform Calibrations to Identify and Quantify Compounds

Ellvin Chromatography Software - perform calibrations

Set New Run Parameters to Expand System Capabilities

Ellvin Chromatography Software - set new run parameters

Access System Components to Perform Maintenance Through the Software

Ellvin Chromatography Software - access system components

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