FROG-5000™ Portable Gas Chromatograph GC
Detecting Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs in Soil

Soil Application - Frog Portable Gas Chromatograph GC

When equipped with its glass sparge bottle, the FROG portable gas chromatograph can detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soils down to part-per-billion level concentrations.

Running samples onsite allows real time decisions to be made. This is particularly valuable for site characterization.

Our Methanol Extraction Tool Kit can be used to perform soil extraction and dilute waste solvents in order to prepare samples for testing with the FROG. Read more about our Methanol Extraction Tool Kit.

Soil Analysis Study


FROG Soil Analysis – Remediation Site Study

This project was a remediation of a leaking underground storage tank (LUST) at a gas station in Ribera, New Mexico. Application Chemist Lee Tu and Co-Founder and Senior Scientist Patrick Lewis were on-site for training and analyzing comparative analyses for the FROG.

Environmental engineers used a FROG portable gas chromatograph to determine benzene levels in soil that was also contaminated with hydrocarbons, such as Xylenes, that did not require removal from the site. A handheld PID routinely gave false positive readings due to the Xylene contamination. Soil that was benzene contaminated was identified and hauled to a land farming site.

The use of the FROG portable GC significantly reduced the volume of soil that would have been removed using only the PID, resulting in considerable savings of both money and time.

Read the Methanol Extraction and Soil Testing Application Note.



Ribera, New Mexico


New Mexico Environment Department


Methanol Extraction Tool Kit

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